Friday, November 21, 2008

New Zealand - Nov 21, 2008 - Logan

Logan Mitchell
Date: 11-21-2008
Location: Appletree Bay, Abel Tasman National Park
Time: 9pm
Latitude: 40°59'4.27"S
Longitude: 173° 2'13.21"E
Elevation: 2 m
Temperature: ~15-20°C
Clouds: High lenticular and scattered lower level cumulus
Animals: Deer, sheep, cows, birds, etc.Breakfast: veggie wrap
Lunch: Supermarket deli sandwich & chips
Supper: Thai yellow curry w/ Jasmine rice & red wine

Photo notes:
Morning view inland from our campsite.
The group from left to right: Ken Taylor, Spruce Shonneman, Natalie
Kehrwald, Anais Orsi.
NZ tree ferns.
Ken and Spruce on the trail.
Misc. beach that we passed.
Me overlooking the Abel Tasman National Park coastline.

In the morning as we were driving on a rutted dirt road leaving camp we hit a rock with the underside of the van. We didn't think much of it at the time, but after driving for a few hours we stopped for breakfast. After breakfast we noticed a pool of oil beneath the van which turned out to be coming from the transmission. On closer inspection we saw that the rock had put a sizeable dent in the transmission oil pan and deformed it so that it wasn't making a good seal and was leaking around the edge. We spent a couple of hours asking around town if there were any spare parts to fix it only to find out that this part is no longer made, there are no spare parts in the town we are in, and there aren't even spare parts in Japan where the van came from! After mulling over our predicament for awhile we finally tried to tighten the bolts around the transmission pan only to find out that they were very loose and that we stopped the leaking just by tightening the bolts!

What would a road trip be without a little car trouble to mix it up? We then finished
driving up to Abel Tasman National Park and began hiking at around 5pm. We only had a
couple of kilometers to go so we were at camp in short order and cooked up a delicious
dinner, watched another amazing sunset and went to bed happy.

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