Wednesday, December 3, 2008

McMurdo Station - Dec 3, 2008 - Logan

Logan Mitchell
Date: 12-3-2008
Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Time: 10 pm
Latitude: 77°50'46.42"S
Longitude: 166°39'59.78"E
Elevation: 34m (112’)
Breakfast: trail mix and old oatmeal (I didn’t eat any)
Lunch: Hummus sandwiches and potato chips.
Supper: Roast beef, potatoes and bread

The view across the sea ice form the top of Observation Hill

Today was the second day of Happy Camper class. Today was less fun, but still interesting. We had a few classes on radio communication and risk management. We got to practice with VHF and HF radios. We set up the HF radio and called the South Pole station which is over 1,300 km (~800 miles) away! After Happy Camper we came back to McMurdo & rested.

Ken was able to get on a flight out to WAIS today! We are scheduled to fly on Friday.

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