Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 20th, 2007
York County Maine

Time:2 pm
Latitude: 43.08 N
Longitude: 70.73 W
Temperature: 3.4°C(38°F)
Wind speed: calm
Wind Chill:
Clouds: partly cloudy-25%
Wind direction:
Relative Humidity:90%
Barometric Pressure: rising
Precipitation: 0

Maybe too early to post another entry but yesterday it snowed -finally, YEA!. When I went out to feed the animals at 5am this morning most of the 1" of snow was still on the ground - what a welcome site. No matter how old you get the first snow is always exciting. It will be gone by the end of the day but it was nice while it lasted.

No new news posted from the field but the weather at McMurdo station is -8 oC and partly cloudy and it is probably at least another 10 degrees colder at WAIS Divide camp, and almost always some wind.

Still packing camera and electronic equipment to carry with me into the field. The cold takes the life out of batteries so a couple extra of them will go in the kit. There is limited power in camp from generators so lap tops etc can be recharged but with dozens of people needing to recharge equipment it can be a challenge to keep everything powered. Also, time to start questioning the amount of personal gear that I need vs want vs am willing to lug all the way for an almost 25hrs of flight time between here and the WAIS Divide camp. I will Probably run out of throat lozenges before I run out of socks.

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