Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 3, 2007
Los Angeles, California airport (LAX)

Time:5 pm
Latitude: 33° 56 ‘ 33’ N
Longitude: 118° 24 25’ W
Temperature: 18°C(65°F)
Wind speed: calm
Wind Chill:
Clouds: partly clear
Wind direction:
Relative Humidity:32%
Barometric Pressure: falling
Precipitation: 0

Made it this far to LAX, Los Angeles airport. The travel this morning, despite 6-8” of snow at my home, was easy going. The worst part was the ride from my home to the bus station. My neighbor Bobby is a real champ and had no problems driving me in to the local bus station. The road to the Boston airport was relatively clear since all the schools were cancelled, and there were so many open seats on the bus and the planes in Boston that I was able to get out and on to Chicago early. I seemed to have arrived here in LAX first but will hook up with my other ice core processing mates shortly. There are five of us: Gabby, Anais, John, Sylvia, and myself that will ride to Auckland New Zealand on the same flight. The flight is about 12 hours so plenty of time to chat, snack, read, listen to music, and sleep (doubtful).

So far I have spent so much time reading that I am halfway through a new book my lovely wife bought me. At this rate I will be stuck with the magazines left over from crews in years past. I also brought a classic Antarctic adventure story "The Worst Journey in the World" by Apsley Cherry-Gerard who was a member of Scott’s Journey from 1910-1912 to Antarctica. It is certainly not a book to make me think warm thoughts but I can be assured that my journey will be far easier than their adventure.

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